Virtual Reality in your Movie Theater

What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality is a new entertainment format, which allows to fully immerse into the content: you not only watch a movie on the screen, but practically are inside that movie yourself.
Why choose VORTEX content distribution plaform?
Easy to understand
Short movies and animation offered for viewing are combined in screenings 30 minutes long each.

New format enables to attract new type of viewers into the cinema theatres and add to monetizing of admissions traffic of the viewers who come to the cinema before the traditional screening or stay after one.

Tickets for the shows can be sold through the cash offices as usual.
Easy to install
You do not need some complicated technologies, only smartphones and VR headsets (the recommended number of devices for one cinema hall is from 10 to 50).

VR screenings can be performed either in common cinema halls, or in specially equipped halls.

To start screening VR movies, you will need to register for VORTEX platform for free and download a special application for demonstrations in VR format.
You will get new opportunities to sale advertising spaces before the screening (major brands have already released promo videos in VR-format and are very interested in having a platform for their display), as well as demonstrate promo-content for traditional blockbusters in VR-format.

VR halls can also be offered for renting for VR presentations of products and services and also for entertaining and educational events.
How to install VORTEX content distribution platform?
Register for free
Our managers will contact you to answer your questions and help you with choosing the recommended number of devices to ensure maximum efficiency in the work of your cinema theatre.
Buy equipment
VORTEX system works on any modern mobile phones and VR headsets. Our managers will help you to choose the necessary equipment and recommend suppliers of such devices.
Choose screening format
You decide all by yourself the way VR screening will be performed: in a hall or in a separate zone in the cinema theatre. Our technical support team will help you to configure the equipment, test your system and provide all necessary promo materials needed for the screening.
Start exhibiting
Your cinema theatre will be activated on VORTEX platfrom, you then start selling tickets on the chosen screenings – and now you are ready for new visitors!
Our Clients
General Audience
Good For Kids
INVASION! (2016)
This is the first animation moviein the history of Virtual Reality, upon which director Eric Darnell (ANTS, MADAGASCAR, MADAGASCAR-2) is going to create a feature VR movie. The story focuses on the collision of two worlds: fluffy bunnies and aliens from space.

GENRE: Animation, Comedy
DIRECTOR: Eric Darnell

RUNNING TIME: 4 minutes
Frequently Asked Questions
Are VR-cinema and 3D cinema the same?
3D presents the viewers only with a slight addition to the traditional content, while VR enables to fully immerse in the content: the viewer not only watches movie on the screen, but literary participates in the movie himself. The experience the viewer receives while watching it is so vivid and unique that all leading Hollywood studios already take production of premium VR-content very seriously.
I heard some people get dizzy during the VR screening, and there are general issues on image quality.
People get dizzy only when they watch low-quality content (something like rollercoasters on the stands in shopping malls), which drives vestibular system crazy. We are in our turn are very careful with the content we choose and do not authorize low-quality screenings.

As for the image quality: if you take a closer look, you indeed can notice separate pixels on the screen, but these are technological limits and the explanation is quite simple – the better the smartphone you use for watching, the better the image is.
Is this technology safe for children?
Research in this field is still going on, but the equipment manufacturers do not recommend showing VR to children under 12 years old. Actually it is still unclear at the moment, how VR watching influences kids or even adults, so our opinion is that it's better not to overdo with watching VR movies. That's why our screenings are no more than 30 minutes long.
If I need only smartphone and VR headset for the screening, why should I go to the cinema theatre and pay for it?
First of all, convenience. Not only need you to pay and buy equipment, but also find an application for watching VR movies, find these movies and adjust them to your device. It's quite feasible, but usually viewers don't want to do this. When you come to the cinema theatre though, you just need to put on the headset and start watching.

Second, it's the content. We license the movies that are not available for free access, and some of them will be available only on our platform.

Third, the social aspect of such viewing. Yes, each viewer sits separately with his own headset put on, but people are usually willing to share their experience after the screening, as VR is a new experience in watching a movie, it's interesting, it's worth discussing. Such heated discussions took place during the Moscow VR-festival after each screening.
Are there any examples of successful VR cinema theatres in Russia or in the world?
There is already a working cinema theatre in Amsterdam. They do not reveal numbers, but judging by the schedule on their website (there are often SOLD OUT announcements), they're doing quite well J

As for Russia, there was a VR festival in Moscow in 2016, which was a huge success. More than 1800 people watched movies (and this is only in one cinema hall within several screening days). People came from different parts of the city. So you see, there is a demand for such content.

LUXOR has become our first client. Like us they give credence to this technology and see a great opportunity for the development of their business through opening VR cinema theatres, so in 2017 we plan to open together a number of VR cinema theatres in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Sochi.
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